Gemological Science International Achieves Global Accreditation as Verifier of Sustainability Rated Diamonds

Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organizations in the world, achieved SCS Global Gem Identification Verification Provider accreditation for its laboratories and offices around the world. All SCS-007 certified diamonds that are graded, scanned, and laser inscribed by GSI, and which have accompanying information on laser inscription, diamond dimensions, and carat weights, can carry the approved Sustainability Rated claim of achievement. Read More

Bario Neal Certified Sustainability Rated Lab Grown Diamonds – Bario Neal Blog

With more of our clients expressing interest in sustainable, ethical lab created options for diamonds, our Bario Neal gemstone specialists went in search of climate neutral lab diamonds that align with our commitments to sustainable and ethical jewelry practices. Our new US-grown diamonds come with a first of its kind Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Certified Sustainability Rating. Our clients can now choose lab grown diamonds for select jewelry in our collections, including diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, and for custom jewelry designs. Read More

Matilde Mourinho wants to change the perception of lab-grown diamonds

There is no doubt that the jewellery market is changing. Just like the broader fashion landscape, where consumers are becoming more aware than ever of the impact that their shopping habits may have on the environment, we are finally asking for transparency regarding the brands we buy into, while many of us are also becoming more open-minded when it comes to investing in less traditional methods of production, particularly when it comes to diamonds. For Matilde Mourinho, a jewellery designer who recently launched her own sustainable jewellery brand, she wants to continue breaking down any misconceptions to do with real versus lab-grown diamonds. Read More

Q&A: Bradley’s Jewellers owner on why now was the time to launch first in-house lab-grown diamond collection

York’s Bradley’s Jewellers has launched its first in-house lab-grown diamond jewellery collection, Eco Rocks by Kay Bradley. Here Kay Bradley, founder and owner of Eco Rocks and Bradley’s Jewellers, tells Professional Jeweller what inspired the new direction for the business, whether there was any concern about stocking the relatively new product type, and how the range has been selling so far. Read More