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Independent assessment of diamonds and determination of Sustainability Ratings is conducted by SCS Global Services, a recognized pioneer and leader in third-party sustainability certification and standards for nearly four decades.

The Certificate that

Provides You Full Transparency

Each Certified Diamond is accompanied by a detailed Certificate that explains how its Sustainability Rating was earned, including origin traceability, conformance with rigorous ethical and environmental requirements, a net zero carbon footprint, measurable progress towards sustainability practices, and sustainability investments.  

Complete Confidence in

Origin of Your Diamond

Certification under the SCS 007 standard incorporates revolutionary diamond testing technology that can trace a diamond back to its source. This testing is further backed up by a series of checks and balances throughout the chain of custody, including laser inscription and random sampling and testing, to ensure that your diamond comes from a well-known, highly reputable source.

The Complete and Comprehensive Certificate of Sustainability



Sustainability Rated Diamonds are tracked through a verified origin traceability process that provides 99.9% accuracy of the origin of each diamond through its entire chain of custody, from producer to point of sale.




Each diamond is certified to adhere to twelve core ethical principles aligned to the strictest internationally recognized norms of business integrity.


Net Zero

Carbon Footprint

Sustainability Rated Diamonds producers are committed to reducing their production carbon footprints through measures such as improved efficiencies in energy and operations. The carbon footprint that remains is then balanced out each year through investments in renewable energy or other climate mitigation initiatives.    




Sustainability Rated Diamond producers are committed to the principle of doing no harm to humans or environment, and are actively working to avoid, eliminate or offset any impacts that might be associated with the production process.




Sustainability Rated Diamond producers invest in efforts that not only improve their own operations and supply chains, but also in projects that help communities and protect climate and the environment.   


Your Registered Diamond Certificate:

Protecting the Value of Your Investment

Each Certified Diamond is issued a unique Certificate that serves as a permanent record of the sustainability journey of your diamond, to treasure for years to come along with your diamond jewelry, and to pass along as an heirloom or share with others in the future. This third-party certified documentation will sustain and grow the value of your diamond, distinguishing it by detailing accomplishments under each pillar of sustainability – Origin Traceability, Ethical Stewardship, Net Zero Carbon Footprint, Sustainable Production Practices, and Sustainability Investments – along with grading report highlights.

Our Diamond


A Sustainability Rated Diamond is a stone from an accredited natural or laboratory grown diamond production operation that undergoes an exhaustive certification process where it is evaluated by a neutral third-party certification body found to be in full conformance with the requirements of the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds.

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    SCS transmits Data Request Form to the facility producing and/or handling diamonds, requesting information on policies, procedures, and operations.
    (If chain of custody verification is in scope) Producer submits diamonds for creation of trace element fingerprint.
    Facility returns completed Data Request Forms with supporting documentation. SCS reviews documentation, conducts a pre-assessment, then conducts audits.
    (Applicable only to Handlers) Cut diamond verification begins.
    SCS issues preliminary audit findings, including any non-conformities observed against SCS-007. In addition, Producers receive LCA results and carbon footprint.
    Facility has opportunity to remediate issues found in the audit and/or testing and plan further corrections in a Corrective Action Plan, which is submitted to SCS.
    SCS reviews the Corrective Action Plan and draft report is submitted for internal QC.
    Final Certification Decision and report package is issued.