Origin Traceability

Tracking Diamonds from Their Source to You

Before a Sustainability Rated Diamond reaches you, it is tracked through a verified origin traceability process that provides 99.9% accuracy through the entire chain of custody, from source to market. Starting with the actual producer, whether mined or lab grown, Sustainability Rated Diamonds rely on the most stringent empirical testing technologies to establish a source signature so that each certified diamond can be tracked and verified. This ensures that the long-term tracking and management of certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds, from production through point of sale, is conducted in a consistent, accurate and transparent manner.

How Can

Traceability Be Assured?

As part of the Sustainability Rated Diamond certification process, each diamond producer and handler must adhere to the detailed assurance requirements of the SCS-007 Certification Standard for Jewelry Sustainability-Sustainability Rated Diamonds. These assurance requirements are the most stringent in the diamond industry and include the use of accredited origin testing and grading laboratories, accredited handlers, in-depth recordkeeping, empirical testing, and third-party surveillance auditing and sampling, which provides an extra layer of independent assurance.

Other Key Pillars of Sustainability Rated Diamonds



Each diamond is certified to adhere to twelve core ethical principles aligned to the strictest internationally recognized norms of business integrity.


Net Zero

Carbon Footprint

Sustainability Rated Diamonds producers are committed to reducing their production carbon footprints through measures such as improved efficiencies in energy and operations. The carbon footprint that remains is then balanced out each year through investments in renewable energy or other climate mitigation initiatives.    




Sustainability Rated Diamond producers are committed to the principle of doing no harm to humans or environment, and are actively working to avoid, eliminate or offset any impacts that might be associated with the production process.




Sustainability Rated Diamond producers invest in efforts that not only improve their own operations and supply chains, but also in projects that help communities and protect climate and the environment