Climate Neutrality

Putting a Priority on Climate Neutrality

A company’s impact on climate is caused both by its annual climate emissions –both long-lived greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants – as well as its past greenhouse gas emissions that are still lingering in the atmosphere (“legacy” emissions). The SCS 007 Certification Standard for Jewelry Sustainability-Sustainability Rated Diamonds is the first standard for gemstone-quality diamonds to account for both current and legacy emissions, reflecting the diamond producer’s entire climate footprint.

Accounting for both annual and legacy emissions
Greenhouse gases take a long time to dissipate. For example, for every ton of carbon dioxide emitted in 2012, 72% remains in the atmosphere in 2021. For every ton emitted in 2015, 80% remains, and for every ton emitted in 2018, 84% remains. Those past emissions that remain in the atmosphere in 2021 are the “legacy” emissions.

How a Diamond Producer

Becomes Climate Neutral

In addition to a Producer reducing its own Scope 1, 2, and 3 climate change impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, the Producer can work to reduce its climate footprint and progress toward climate neutrality in two ways:

  • The purchase of carbon offset credits.
  • Direct investment in climate mitigation projects that reduce the climate impact through pollution prevention and other methods.

In some cases, these measures might also result in measurable co-benefits (i.e., reduced adverse impacts) in other diamond life-cycle impact categories, such as improved air quality and better health outcomes for the local population.

Other Key Pillars of Sustainability Rated Diamonds



Sustainability Rated Diamonds are tracked through a verified origin traceability process that provides 99.9% accuracy of the origin of each diamond through its entire chain of custody, from producer to point of sale.




Each diamond is certified to adhere to twelve core ethical principles aligned to the strictest internationally recognized norms of business integrity.




Sustainability Rated Diamond producers are committed to the principle of doing no harm to humans or environment, and are actively working to avoid, eliminate or offset any impacts that might be associated with the production process.




Sustainability Rated Diamond producers engage in sustainability investments that help uplift artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) and other vulnerable communities, clean the air, protect the climate and protect endangered watersheds and ecosystems.