Lab-Grown Maker Lusix Gets Eco Accreditation

Lab-Grown Maker Lusix Gets Eco Accreditation

RAPAPORT… Lusix, a producer of lab-grown diamonds, has received sustainability accreditation for its rough goods, enabling it to participate in the synthetics sector’s push to present itself as ethically and environmentally sound.

SCS Global Services carried out a third-party audit of the Israel-based company’s operations that resulted in the producer receiving approval under the SCS 007 standard, Lusix said Tuesday. This confirms that its production operations in the city of Rehovot have met requirements in the areas of origin assurance, ethical stewardship, climate neutrality, sustainable production practices, and strategic sustainability investments.

Lusix, founded by technology pioneer Benny Landa, signed on as a pilot participant while the SCS standard was under development, it noted. The accreditation qualifies Lusix to make claims about its rough lab-grown diamonds on a business-to-business level. Once market participants lower down the supply chain are approved, it will be possible to sell Lusix stones to consumers as “certified sustainability rated diamonds,” the company explained.

“We believe consumers today want to know the origin of the products they purchase, the impact those products have on the environment and community, and to have confidence in the claims made by their producers,” Landa said in a statement. “Lusix is proud to work together with SCS and partners to help implement this industry standard throughout the whole value chain.”

SCS is in the process of launching the 007 standard, seeking to provide a sustainability rating for both lab-grown and mined stones. The program has largely been focused on man-made diamond producers, as these have faced criticism in the past for making claims about environmental benefits without providing evidence.

Image: Benny Landa. (Landa Corporation)

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