Olivia Wilde on Designing for Starling Jewelry, Filming ‘Babylon’ and Her Next Hollywood Project

Olivia Wilde on Designing for Starling Jewelry, Filming ‘Babylon’ and Her Next Hollywood Project

The star and her Conscious Commerce co-founder, Babs Burchfield, have created a chic sundial-inspired pendant for the brand.

Olivia Wilde, left, with best friend and Conscious Commerce co-founder Babs Burchfield and the pendant they designed for sustainable jewelry line, Starling.

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Olivia Wilde and best friend Babs Burchfield have a long history of philanthropic and eco-conscious partnerships, from volunteering together in Haiti over a decade ago to co-founding their collaborative initiative, Conscious Commerce, which partners with brands and nonprofit foundations to develop more socially-conscious business models. The do-gooder duo’s next stylish endeavor? A holiday gift-ready accessory for sustainable jewelry line Starling.

Launching today, the Starling Jewelry x Conscious Commerce Sundial Charm ($210 to $540) uses all SCS certified post-consumer materials, from the reclaimed 14-karat gold and sterling silver to the dainty recycled diamonds (two on the silver piece, six on the gold). The 15.5-millimeter pendant comes with an inspiring card that reads, et tourné pourtant elle, which translates from French to “and yet she turns.”

“Our collaboration was inspired most by the feeling of seeing sustainability in a fresh way. Taking all that we have learned in the past and following the light in a new direction, looking toward a brighter future. That’s why the design is inspired by a sundial,” Wilde tells The Hollywood Reporter via e-mail. “Starling was the ideal partner for this because they are really pushing sustainability forward in the jewelry industry in remarkable ways, focusing on circularity and transparency.”

The 37-year-old actor and director (who’s set to lead a female-centered Marvel film) says she and Burchfield were “very hands-on for the entire design process from day one. Starling’s founder, Chelsey [Bartrum], helped us understand what sustainability in jewelry truly means and taught us about melting down the metals [gold and silver] and sourcing the recycled diamonds. Together we designed every detail, including the placement of each diamond.”

Of course, there’s a charitable element: 40 percent proceeds from the accoutrement will benefit St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, which is providing pandemic relief and rebuilding after the country’s most recent earthquake.

Wilde and Burchfield first met in 2009 when they volunteered in Haiti during a transformative trip that led the actress to later co-found the country’s first free secondary school. In 2014 they co-founded their collaborative organization, Conscious Commerce. Past fashion and beauty collaborations have included H&M, ThredUp, Alternative Apparel, Anthropologie, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Organize.org, Thrive Market, True Botanicals, among many other brands and nonprofits. (The company’s website is undergoing a redesign and will relaunch in the near future.)

For Starling, the Conscious Commerce collaboration marks its second time teaming with a Hollywood star. The brand partnered last year with Melissa McCarthy on beaded rose quartz bracelets tied to her film, The Starling.

Fresh off directing Don’t Worry Darling (in which she co-stars with Gemma Chan, Chris Pine, Florence Pugh and Harry Styles), Wilde was most recently in the post-apocalyptic comedy, How It Ends, with Zoe Lister-Jones, Whitney Cummings and Cailee Spaeny.

Ahead, the busy star reveals what she and Burchfield loved about working with the sustainable jewelry label, what she hopes to receive for the holidays and what it was like working on the highly-anticipated Hollywood-inspired film, Babylon. Keep reading below, and shop the Starling Jewelry x Conscious Commerce Sundial charm here.

How did you and Babs get connected to Starling, and what have you loved about working with the brand?

We connected with Chelsey over a love for jewelry and a craving for more of an understanding of what sustainability in jewelry means. We had some questions, such as, “How do we keep stones and metal in use?”, “What can we do with stones from an old piece we maybe don’t wear anymore because our style has changed?”, “What are the certifications we should look for?”

Our conversations evolved into how jewelry is meant to be something we hold on to, which is really the epitome of sustainability. Lots of products claim sustainability, but our charm has the certifications to prove it.

Starling Jewelry x Conscious Commerce Sundial Charm in sterling silver, $210. Courtesy of Starling Jewelry

Given your incredible history of activism in Haiti, we’re aware that you’ve experienced and seen many uplifting as well as heartbreaking scenes. As you reflect on your decade-plus of work there, what keeps you optimistic for the future even as the country is dealing with the effects of yet another tragic earthquake?

The people. The people we have met in Haiti have taught me that optimism is a luxury for those of us who are lucky to be alive.

Besides Starling jewelry, what are the gifts that you’re giving to loved ones this holiday?

Experiences. Time together. That’s the greatest gift we have.

What are the gifts (whether tangible or not) that you hope to receive this year?

Time with the people I love.

Starling Jewelry x Conscious Commerce Sundial Charm in 14-karat gold, $540. Courtesy of Starling Jewelry

Damien Chazelle is creating something extraordinary and ambitious and it was a delight to watch him work.

What other Hollywood projects are you looking forward to?

My next film, Perfect. I’m in early preparation now and it is shaping up to be really exciting.

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